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Der Brite Innes Sibun begleite als Gitarrist Ausnahmesänger wie Robert Plant und zuletzt Sari Schorr. Sein Partner Marcus Malone – nicht zu verwechseln mit dem gleichnamigen Santana-Mitglied – stammt aus Detroit, hat reichlich Motown-Sound…

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Blues Rock Muse

Blues/rock supergroup Malone Sibun is among the hottest new bands coming out of the UK right now. Led by Detroit blues legend Marcus Malone and high-voltage UK guitarist Innes Sibun, the group’s debut album Come Together greets the world January 31st 020 on the Redline Music label. Malone Sibun has already been nominated…

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Blues Rock Review

Marcus Malone and Innes Sibun of Malone Sibun form one of the most exciting blues rock groups on the UK scene right now. Both Malone and Sibun have climbed the rank of blues rock artists as distinguished musicians. Teaming up, the power duo were nominated for Best Band at the European…

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Metal Discovery Review

“a diachronic box-ticker rooted in a decades old history of various retro blues stylings. But it’s an enjoyable and entertaining box-ticker” Psychedelia! The early seventies! That’s what the cover of ‘Come Together’ yells at me, an aesthetic that belies the music of Malone Sibun… kind of. Psychedelic this is not; very much early 70s it is…

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RnR Review

Come Together, released by Redline Music in January, is the debut album from Malone Sibun. Guitarist, Innes Sibun and Detroit-born, UK based blues-rocker, Marcus Malone, give me some background. Marcus begins: “I was invited to see American singer Sari Schorr and I wasn’t aware that Innes was her guitarist. He totally blew me away…

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