Blues Matters – Review


At only four tracks’ Ashes to Dust is a fine introductory EP to the collaborative talents of Marcus Malone and Innes Sibun. Both have successful careers, but the four tracks on this release show the incendiary talent the duo release in the studio. With an all-star band of Kevin O’Rourke on Drums, bassist Roger Innis and Tim Blackmore and Moz Gamble on Keyboards, this is an album of high energy blues, rock and soul. The opening track, Makin’ It shows the influence of jump jive blues, with Sibun working his Wah-Wah pedal and fingers to great effect, with the rest of the band ably keeping up. The title track, Ashes to Dust is a slower piece but is a still an effective showcase, and the only cover, Willie Dixon’s Evil is a great version, full of swagger, musical twists, and some dynamic playing from Kevin O’Rourke, and some interesting keyboard, whilst the guitar solo comes right out of the speakers and grabs the listener by the ears. Innes Sibun is a great guitarist, technically accomplished, but with plenty of interesting ideas, and shifts in lyrical phrasing and emphasis. Marcus Malone is also in fine form throughout, with a voice that takes in rock, blues and jazz equally, but also rhythmically adds a lot to the mix. Ashes to Dust finishes with the slower, banjo and slide guitar drenched Restless Heart, showing great understanding between all the players, in a song that serves as a musical palate cleanser, and shows that this duo know what they are doing with a far quieter, far more reflective piece. Hopefully, the release of this EP might lead to a full album. I will be looking out for it if it does.

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